Meineke Car Care Center of Wylie
    Job Description

    Customer Service

    • Put customer first in every transaction; go above and beyond to WOW the customer
    • Maintain “YES COMPANY” atmosphere – find ways to say yes to customers and ensure they leave satisfied
    • Follow Meineke procedures for welcoming customers & checking them in for service, gathering information, explaining the inspection process, and collecting signed work orders before any work is done
    • Follow Meineke procedures for educating customers on inspection results for their vehicles, communicating the benefits and value of any needed work, answering any questions, and performing any needed repairs
    • Follow Meineke procedures for checking out customers – reviewing any work done, seeking feedback, scheduling follow-up, informing customer of CSI program, etc.
    • Proactively communicate with customers throughout their visits to the center. Keep them informed, manage issues as they arise.Sales
    • Meet weekly and monthly personal sales goals
    • Contribute to overall center sales goals
    • Role play presentations with team member before presenting to customer

    Phone Procedures

    Follow Meineke telephone procedures at all times, including daily role play to maintain skills• Listen to recorded calls on a regular basis; identify areas for improvement

    Help to train and role play other team members as needed. Help others stay sharp

    Building Estimates

    • Maintain a high-level knowledge of Mkey. Be able to build a complete repair ticket quickly and efficiently.• Use Job Builder, sales packages, and ISE to build complete estimates for all work recommended by technicians
    • Build complete repairs, including all appropriate parts, services, accessories, and labor to protect a customer’s investment and ensure vehicle systems work properly
    • Order parts from approved vendors in a timely manner; track arrival and verify with technician immediately to ensure parts are correct. Assign invoices to correct RO numbers.
    • Verify full documentation on every ticket – inspection sheet, estimates, work orders, final invoice, battery test form, etc.Center Upkeep
    • • Proactively work to maintain clean, comfortable, professional center image at all times
    • Assist as needed in any regular center maintenance
    • Handle cores, returns, inventory deliveries, and other center upkeep tasks as requested
    • Perform closing duties as needed (close day in Mkey, bank deposit, cash audit, etc)


    • Be a team player. Help other people meet their goals
    • If you see something that needs to be done, do it without being asked
    • Train & teach new team members as needed
    • Contribute to a positive, productive team environmentAdditional Duties
    • Follow all center policies & procedures
    • Do anything else asked of you

    Job Type: Full-time

    Qualification Questions

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    • Have you completed the following level of education: High school or equivalent?
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