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Leadership Wylie

Class XX applications due July 31, 2023


  • Goals

    Learn from inspirational Wylie community, city, county and state leaders in a "behind the scenes" look at the community. Topics include: history, government, operations, education, social needs, and opportunities to get involved locally.Gain hands-on experiential leadership workshops focused on management, inclusive leadership, and effective communication.

    Understand the positive impact of doing business in Wylie as well as the tools and resources available.

    Embrace opportunities to connect with local community and business leaders across a variety of industries while building a close-knit alumni network

    Encourage participation and contribute to the growth and betterment of the Wylie community.

  • DetailsThird Thursday of the month (unless otherwise noted)
    8 hours per month in person for 10 months
    $750 per person for members of the Wylie Chamber of Commerce
    $850 per person for non-members

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Program Overview

Our Leadership Wylie program provides leaders with a socially conscious and civically engaged leadership toolkit, as well as the opportunity to apply their knowledge through experiential assignments. Participants graduate with the skills, experiences, and connections to lead Wylie into the future.

Program Outcomes

Enhanced level of preparedness for the next phase of leadership, including effective management and communication techniques.

Deeper, broader connections across the city

Development of a clear vision for how they can make an impact in their organization, sector, and community

Increased knowledge of and involvement in Wylie

Socially conscious and civically engaged leadership abilities.

Participants will learn strategic management and communication skills to bring teams closer to reaching goals

Participants will positively represent your business or organization as the city's next generation of trusted leaders

Participants will collaborate and lead teams with increased efficacy and commitment.


Opening Retreat
This program welcomes the incoming class, facilitates introductions among the group, outlines the program content and expectations for the year, and introduces participants to the Wylie Chamber of Commerce.


Educating Future Leaders

You’ll get an up-close-and-personal look at Wylie ISD and Collin College.


To the Rescue!

You’ll get to meet some of Wylie’s finest – the Wylie Fire and Rescue and Wylie Police Department.


The County Seat


You’ll learn about Collin County government and take a tour of the county jail.



A Trip Through Historical Wylie


On this day, you’ll take a private walking tour of The City of Wylie and learn about how the city came to be. You’ll visit several nearby shops, restaurants, and historical buildings that make Wylie the incredible city it is today.



Take it to the State 

An overnight road trip to our state capital, Austin, to meet with elected officials including our area State Representative and Senators as well as judges and other state government offices.


Keep it Local

Now that you’ve heard from both county and state representatives on behalf of Wylie, you’ll get to meet with representatives from our city’s government and get the inside scoop from the Economic Development Corporation (EDC).


The Creative Economy

Let’s put everything into practice with Leadership Wylie’s opportunity to operate a simulated society.


Zing and Splash

You’ll get to learn about Wylie’s City Utilities.


Closing Retreat/Graduation

Leadership Wylie will gather to reflect on their experiences, learn how to stay engaged as alumni, and learn about the additional benefits of Chamber membership.

Graduation ceremony will also be scheduled.

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